Do-Si-Dos became an instant favorite for many cannabis connoisseurs around the world when it first hit the market. The taste and flavor of Do-Si-Dos is fantastic and the THC-content is very high with 25-30%. Two characteristics that make this strain for a lot of people a true winner.

Do-Si-Dos is a indica-dominant (70%) strain and a cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. The aroma and flavor of Do-Si-Dos are quite different as Girl Scout Cookies though. It's kind of sweet and minty but with a very strong earthy and kushy touch to it.

The effect of Do-Si-Dos is at first a fast-acting uplifting rush of euphoric energy that quickly fades into a happy introspection. A warming body buzz washes over you, while your mind enters meditative and contemplative states. You will feel super stoned and relaxed.

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