Banana Kush

June 27, 2018


What Is the Banana Kush Cannabis Strain?:

Originating from the West Coast and now rising up to become one of the Top 100 cannabis strains on the market, Banana Kush has honestly made a powerful name for itself, which is not so surprising when you take a look at this crop’s parental lineage. Being the offspring of two other marijuana classics, Ghost OG hybrid and Skunk Haze hybrid, the way that Banana Kush expresses its lineage is not only unique, but also extremely beneficial for certain types of individuals who have discovered solace with the help of this plant. A little goes a very long way with this marijuana, because its THC levels often reach upwards of 27%, with most lab results falling between 16-27%. Banana Kush is technically classified as an indica dominant hybrid, with a 60% indica, 40% sativa ratio, but its effects do not represent its classification accurately. What Banana Kush can do to your mind and body might surprise you, especially if you are expecting the cannabis strain to make you fall asleep. Yes, it will certainly relax your mind and body, but in a more creative, motivational way, that will rather remove stress and clear the head so that outlets of pursuit and prolific inspiration can be discovered. Because of its abilities to spark imaginative and innovative drive, it has become a favorite amongst scenes of artists across California, the West Coast and the rest of America. Chances are, if you interviewed an art community about what their favorite, go-to cannabis strain is, there’s a fair chance they would exclaim, “Banana Kush!”.


Medical Benefits of Banana Kush:

While Banana Kush can assist for some physical pains or ailments, it has a profound impact especially on the way it influences the mind, making it a suitable choice for those who desire assistance with managing a mental health issue or a mood disorder. Patients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, lack of focus or lack of motivation, could all find some relief from Banana Kush, but for these individuals especially, it is important not to over consume marijuana, and not just this cannabis strain. High amounts of THC can sometimes adversely affect people that already are prone to mental health disorders or conditions of the mind. In order to avoid any unpleasant occurrences, if you are one of these people, set comfortable boundaries and limitations for yourself, and stick to those lines. Having a strong sense of when enough is enough, can keep you safe throughout your medical marijuana experience and process.

Those with physical pains or ailments, can also thoroughly benefit from Banana Kush; primarily those managing chronic pain, cramps, muscle tension and insomnia. In order to get a sense of the entire spectrum of capabilities Banana Kush is able to create, consuming a slightly greater than average dose may be in order, so that you can truly experience the impact if your medical condition is physical. The list does not just stop there; Banana Kush can help a variety of other medical conditions aside from what is mentioned above. If you think this cannabis strain might be for you, give it a go and see if you like this type of cannabis. It is a rather versatile option, and therefore, the possibilities for success are more likely.


Banana Kush Strain Effects:

As mentioned earlier, Banana Kush has attracted artistic, creative-type groups, that not only develop creatively together, but also socialize and chat amongst one another. It is the type of cannabis that is able to delve you deeper into your own beautiful self-expression, while simultaneously involving you in a connection with the individuals around you. The combination of these two factors working together, is partially what makes this marijuana distinguishable from other cannabis strains. Banana Kush won’t have you sedated or falling asleep like some indica dominant cannabis strains can, more so it will relax your body and mind, but in a way that brings clarity, motivation, concentration and focus. Furthermore, it has a tendency to uplift spirits and bring about vibrations of happiness and euphoria. If there’s one ideal situation in which we could easily envision Banana Kush pairing perfectly with, is a creative, live-art party. Just imagine- a close-knit group of artistic, creative types all gathering together to celebrate some form of creation with one another. Bring out the Banana Kush and that party suddenly becomes alive- complete with even more innovative, inspired, sociable, talkative and focused vibes. Banana Kush is perfect for those who can visualize themselves in this type of setting.







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